Chin Augmentation or Reduction

Chin Augmentation or Reduction

Chin projection and contour influences neck definition and nasal size appearance. ‘Noses look larger if the chin is recessive and necklines are more defined with a more prominent chin, Decisions to augment or reduce the chinare decided by evaluating the facial proportions, similar to the treatment planning that takes place with orthognathic surgery or a patient undergoing comprehensive prosthetic rehabilitation that alters’ the vertical dimension .. Augmentation of the’ chin can be performed using alloplastic implants or ‘bv advancement of the inferior border of the mandible (i.e., genioplasty). Advancement genioplasty is discussed in Chapter 25. Alloplastic chin augmentation is not as popular with oral and maxillofacial
surgeons because of lack of remodeling (i.e., edges may be felt) •..potential for underlying bone resorption, and increased risk of infection. Fig. 26-26 demonstrates the use of an alloplastic implant for chin augmentation.
Simultaneous liposuction can enhance the esthetic results of chin advancements. .Potential genioplasty complications include infection
and lip numbness, Recovery time is about 1 week, withthe final result fully appreciated in about 6 weeks.16,17

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