Serious medical emergencies in the dental office are fortunately, relatively rare. The primary reason for the Iimitcd frequency of emergencies in dental
practice is the nature of dental education that prepares practitioners tu recognize potential problems and mallage them before they cause an emergency. }100\’l’\'(~r, when oral surgical procedures are necess.iry, the increased mental and physiologic stress inherent in such intcrventions
can push the patient with a poorly compensated medical condition into an emergency situation. Similarly the advanced forms of pain and anxiety control tre- ‘quently needed for oral surgery can predispose patients to
emergency conditions. This chapter begins with a presentation of the various means of lowering the likelihood of medic: ~emergencies in the dental office. It also details way) tu ple pall’ fOI clllllgl’lllil’, and dbl:-u~)e~ the  linical manifestations and initial management of the more common emergencies.

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