Chapter 11 Homework Medical Terminologies

If you think that it is difficult to remember all the medical terms used in the healthcare industry, you’re in for a surprise. You will find that if you don’t want to be labeled as a medical illiterate, you should do your best to learn and understand the basics of the medical field.

Medical Terminology: Your terminology is important, so make sure that you know what is needed in order to answer some of the questions asked by your nursing assistants or other physicians. The medical field does not function without a good understanding of the terminology and this is where your homework can come in handy.

There are two basic types of medical terminology that need to be understood. They are General Terms and Special Terms. General terms include words that have a universal meaning.

Examples of these are Ora, Giddiness, Blood Pressure, and Pearls. These terms are of universal meaning, they can be used by everyone and are commonly used throughout the medical field.

More specifically, these terms pertain to what’s anatomy and physiology. For example, Ora pertains to the area of the body and the Physiology involves the knowledge of how the body functions and reacts to its environment.

Special Medical Terminologies are words that have specific meanings. The examples of these are blood, and Airway. General terms are generally used for more specific explanations.

Airway is the anatomical term for the airway and refers to the airways located in the larynx. The Larynx is a part of the lungs and is used for gas exchange through the respiratory system.

Blood is a concept used for reference when talking about the lungs and the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the lung tissues. These are both key concepts in the medical field.

Pearls pertains to some common measurements that relate to vital signs, temperature, pulse, and breathing. Each one of these is a well known concept in the medical field.

For those who can’t be bothered with the hand lingo, there are several tools and books that can be used to help you learn and understand the vocabulary. There are a number of websites and books that can give you a glimpse of the terminology in the medical field.

The next time you’re assigned a chapter 11 medical assignment, make sure that you do your homework so that you don’t become frustrated with not being able to understand the material. Make sure that you learn and understand the terminology of the medical field so that you are able to comprehend the written materials and be able to use the terms correctly.

The field of medicine is difficult to get a grasp on so don’t let medical terminologies be a stumbling block. By doing your homework you can ensure that you are able to understand everything that you need to know.

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