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Wound Repair

Cause of  Tissue Damage Traumatic injuries can be caused by physical or chemical insults (Box4-1). Physicalmeans of producing tissue damage include incision or crushing, extremes of temperature or irradiation, desiccation, and obstruction of arterial inflow or venous outflow. Chemicals ableto cause injury include those with unphysiologic pH or tonicity, those that disrupt protein integrity,and those that cau


CHAPTER OUTLINE WOVND REPAIR (,,,se Qf Tbsue Oamage lpIthclt.”Jatton 5t.ges of Wo-.nd He.llng , Stage fibroplastic Stage R.modellng Stage _ _SURGICALSIGNIFICANCEOF WOUND HEAUNG CONCEPTS f.~tors that Impair Wound Healing Foreign Material Necrotic nssue- -Ischemia • Tension ,Healing by Primary and Secondary Intention Healing of Extraction Sockets Bone He”‘ng Implant Osseolntegratlon ,