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Wound Repair

Cause of  Tissue Damage

Traumatic injuries can be caused by physical or chemical insults (Box4-1). Physicalmeans of producing tissue damage include incision or crushing, extremes of temperature or irradiation, desiccation, and obstruction of arterial inflow or venous outflow. Chemicals ableto cause injury
include those with unphysiologic pH or tonicity, those that disrupt protein integrity,and those that cause ischemia by producing vascular constriction or thrombosis.




(,,,se Qf Tbsue Oamage
5t.ges of Wo-.nd He.llng , Stage
fibroplastic Stage
R.modellng Stage _
f.~tors that Impair Wound Healing
Foreign Material

Necrotic nssue-
• Tension
,Healing by Primary and Secondary Intention
Healing of Extraction Sockets
Bone He”‘ng
Implant Osseolntegratlon ,
Facial Neuropathology of Traumatic Origin
– Nerve Healing

n important aspect of any surgical procedure is the preparation of the wound for healing. It is therefore mandatory that individuals intending
to perform surgery possess a thorough understanding of the biology of normal tissue repair processes. Tissue injury can be caused by either pathologic conditions or by traumatic events. The dental surgeon has
some control over pathologic tissue damage such as the likelihood of a wound infection. However, the surgeon can favorably or unfavorably alter the amount and severity of traumatically induced tissue injury and
therefore can contribute to promoting or impeding wound healing.
This chapter discusses the way in which perloperative Eplthellallzatioo . “I’
tissue injury occurs and the events normally present during  the healing of soft and hard tissue