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Tests for renal disease or malfunction

Renal disease is suspected if there are: • Symptoms referable to the urinary tract • Hypertension • An elevated blood urea or creatinine concentration • Abnormalities on urinalysis Relationship between diet. kidney function and urine volume. THE URINE Appearance This is of little value in the differential diagnosis of renal disease except in the diagnosis of haematuria. Overt ‘bloody’ urine is


The major function of the tubule is the selective reabsorption or excretion of water and various cations and anions to keep the volume and electrolyte composition of body fluid normal. The active reabsorption from the glomerular filtrate of compounds such as glucose and amino acids also takes place. Within the normal range of blood concentrations these substances are completely reabsorbed by the proximal tu

Renal disease

Renal function and structure The kidneys’ principal role is the elimination of waste material and the regulation of the volume and composition of body fluid . The kidneys have a unique system involving the free ultrafiltration of water and non-protein-bound low-molecular-weight compounds from the plasma and the selective reabsorption and/or excretion of these as the ultra filtrate passes along the tub