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OBJECTIVES OF PREPROSTHETIC SURGERY Despite the enormous progress in the technology available to preserve the dentition, prosthetic restoration and rehabilitation of the masticatory system is still needed in patients who’ are edentulous or partially ederitulous. Nearly 10% of the American population, including 35% of those over age 65, are currently totally edentulous, and millions of people have experie

After the loss of natural teeth, bony changes in  the jaws begin to take place immediately. Because the alveolar bone no longer responds to – stresses placed in this area’ by the teeth. and period on talligament, bone begins to resorb. The specific pattern of resorption is unpredictable in a given patient because great variation exists among Indtviduals. In many patients this resorption process te

Preprosthetic Surgery

Preprosthetic Surgery  CHAPTER OUTLINE OBJECTIVES OF PREPROSTHETIC SURGERY PRINCiPlES OF PATIENT EVALUATION AND TREATMENT PLANNING Evaluation of Supporting Bony TIssue Evaluation of Supporting Soft TIssue Treatment Planning RECONTOURING OF ALVEOLAR RIDGES Simple Alveoloplasty Associated with Removal of . Multiple Teeth Intraseptai Alveoloplasty Maxillary Tuberosity Reduction Buccal Exost~is and Excessive Undercuts