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Rhytidectomy  Rhytids are skin folds, creases,. or wrinkles. Rhytids can be referred to as coarse or fine depending in the depth andanatomic cause: Rhytidectomy, or “removal of skin wrinkles,” is more commonly called face-lift surgery, This procedure rejuvenates sagging neck skin, jowls (i.e., sagging skin and fat posterior to the labiomental crease), nasolabial folds, and cheek laxity. Face lift s

Forehead and Brow lift

Forehead and Brow lift A drooping forehv.rd results in drooping eyebrow r.c brow lateral upper eyelid fullness 01 hooding.11(1 accentuated upper ‘eyelid bagginess.  skin. with blepharoplasty alone docs not adequately address this problemif the brows are also ptotic. The normal  or youthful eyebrow has the lower edge posif ioned ator slightly above the palpated bony ‘,upraorbital rim. The ideal es


Blepharoplasty  Blepharoplasty (i.e., eyelid rejuvenation) is one of the most common facial esthetic procedures performed on women  apd men. Aging eyelids exhibit a puffy, drooping, andbaggy appearance. These are the result of eyelid skin laxity, orbicularis muscle hypertrophy, and orbital fat herniationout into the eyelids (Fig. 26-2). Redundant and folded skin of the upper eyelids is referr-ed to as dermatoc


SURGICAL PROCEDURES The procedures described in the following sections are presented as isolated surgical techniques. However, in practice, several of these are often combined and performed during a single surgical appointment.


FACIAL AGING Facial <lging Involves the changes to the skin resultant effects.on the skin’s appearance and those of tillunderlying sot; tissues. 0:atural aging combined with sun exposure produces  of skin changes. Natural aging results in Joss of skin elas.ticity and collagen. melanocyte pigmentations, and fat atrophy~ Sun exposure adQs photo aging caused by ultraviolet light. .Ultravlolet light fro

Facial Esthetic Surgery

CHAPTER OUTLINE FACIAL AGING SURGICAL PROCEDURES Blepharoplasty Forehead and Brow Lift Rhytidectomy Septorhinoplasty Skin Resurfacing Facial Liposuction Cheek Augmentation Chin Augmentation or Reduction . Otoplasty Lip Augmentation or Reduction Botulinum Neurotoxin Therapy Scar Revision Hair Restoration Patients are increasingly seeking procedures that enhance their appearance for personal and professional reason