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Hypothermia is defined as a fall in the core (i.e. rectal) temperature to below 35°C. It is frequently lethal when the core temperature falls below 32°C. Frostbite is local cold injury that occurs when tissue freezes. Hypothermia Hypothermia occurs in a variety of clinical settings: IN THE HOME ENVIRONMENT. Hypothermia may occur in cold climates when there is poor heating, inadequate clothing and poor nutr

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Heat In health, the core temperature of humans is maintained by the thermoregulatory centre in the hypothalamus at a constant 37°C. Heat is produced by cellular metabolism, and is lost through the skin by vasodilatation and sweating and in air expired from the lungs. Sweating occurs when the ambient temperature is greater than 32.5°C and during exercise. The evaporation of sweat is an important mechanism i