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The Red Cell

Erythropoiesis Red cell precursors pass through several stages in the bone marrow. The earliest morphologically recognizable cells are pronormoblasts. Smaller normoblasts result from cell divisions and precursors at each stage progressively contain less RNA and more Hb in the cytoplasm. The nucleus becomes more condensed and is eventually lost from the late normoblast in the bone marrow, when the cell become

Diseases of the blood

Introduction Blood consists of: • Red cells • White cells • Platelets • Plasma, in which the above elements are suspended Plasma is the liquid component of blood, which contains soluble fibrinogen. Serum is what remains after the formation of the fibrin clot. The formation of blood cells (haemopoiesis) Around the third week of development of the embryo, blood islands are formed in the yolk sac and produ