Brief Maxillofacial Examination

Brief Maxillofacial Examination

While interviewing the patient, the dentist should
visually examine, the patient for general shape and symmeter
of head and facial skeleton, eye movement, color Ii
of conjunctiva and sclera, and ability to hear. The clinician
should listen for speech problems, TMJ sounds, and I
breathing ability. !
Routine Examination
TMJregion: !
• Palpate and auscultate joints. I
• Measure range of motion of jaw and opening pattern. ,
Nose and pcronosai region: I
• Occlude nears individually to check for potency. i
• Inspect anterior nasal mucosa. i
Mouth: i –
• Take out all removable prostheses. I’
• Inspect oral cavity for dental, oral, and pharyngeal I,
mucosal lesions; look at tonsils and uvula.
• Hold tongue out of mouth with dry gauze while
inspecting lateral borders.
• Palpate tongue, lips, floor of mouth, and salivary
glands (check for saliva).
• Palpate neck for lymph nodes and thyroid size.
Inspect jugular veins. .

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