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Block Bone Grafting

Guided bone regeneration is most often used for lateral ridge augmentation. Some authors have described vertical augmentation, but it is less predictable.
Corticocancellous bone grafts are an alternative to guided bone regeneration techniques. Bone can be harvested from the genial region, mandibular rall}us, or iliac crest and used to augment lateral or vertical height of the atrophic ridge (Fig. 14-60). The defect is approached and prepared for grafting by perforating the cortical bone and ~ creating a site to receive the graft. The corticocancellous block is harvested and trimmed to fit into the defect. Stabilization of the graft and primary closure is paramount. After 4 to 6 months of healing, the implant surgery can jJe accomplished (Fig. 14-61).

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