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Blepharoplasty (i.e., eyelid rejuvenation) is one of the most common facial esthetic procedures performed on women  apd men. Aging eyelids exhibit a puffy, drooping, andbaggy appearance. These are the result of eyelid skin laxity, orbicularis muscle hypertrophy, and orbital fat herniationout into the eyelids (Fig. 26-2). Redundant and folded skin of the upper eyelids is referr-ed to as dermatochalasis. When extreme, the folded skin can extend beyond the eyelash  margin and ‘create a mechanical block to vision. Patients.will typically notice this later in the day when their “eyes are tired.” This sagging, redundant, and folded upper eyelid skin over the lashes is termed hooding. The main cause,  of baggy lower eyelids is gradual thinning and laxity of the-fine collagenous orbital septum. This structure normally
separates the internal orbital contents from the eyelid.Over time this curtainlike structure bows outward hke a sail, then the intraorbital fat begins to herniate into the  100\’e~ eyelids. The upper eyelid has two fat pads and thelower has three (Fig. 26·3). Besides the pouch like filling of
tile lower eyelid, the outwad shift of the orbital fat can createar subtle posterior settling of the globe (. TJ1is adds to the appearance of sunken in, tired, and baggy eyes.  During a blephnrcplasty procedure, the surgeon removes skin and orbicularis oculi muscle and









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