Little differerrce exists between the basic necessities required far oral surgery and those required far the proper performance of ather aspects of dentistry. The two principal requirements are (1) adequate visibility and (2) assistance.

Although visibility may seem too obvious ta mention as a requirement far performing surgery, clinicians often overlook it. Adequate visibility depends upon the follawing three factors: (1) adequate access, (2) adequate light, and (3) a surgical field free of excess blood and other fluids.

Adequate access not only requires the patient’s ability to open the mouth widely, but it also may require surgically created exposure. Retraction of tissues away from the operative field provides rnuch of the necessary access. (Proper retraction also protects tissues from being accidentally
injured, for example, by cutting instruments.) Improved access is also gained by the creation of surgical flaps, which are discussed later in this chapter.

Adequate light is an other obvious necessity far surgery. However, clinicians often forget that-many surgical, procedures place the surgeon or assistant in positions that block chair-based light sources. To correct this problem, the light source must continually be repositioned. or the surgeon or assistant must avoid obstructing the light or use a headlight.

A surgical field free of fluids is also necessary far adequate  visibility.High volume suctioning with a relatively small tip can quickly remove blood and other fluids from the field.

As in ather types of dentistry, a properly trained assistant provides invaluable help during oral surgery.The assistant should be sufficiently familiar with the procedures being performed ta anticipate the surgeon’s needs. It is extremely difficult to perform good surgery with no or poor assistance.



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