Back pain due to serIOUS disease

Back pain is seldom serious but, nevertheless, is important because conditions such as infection are readily treatable. Some features that suggest serious back pain are shown.

Spinal infections

Spinal infections include osteomyelitis, discitis and epidural abscess. Infections tend to affect the disc, while malignant processe  affect the vertebra itself.
Discitis can be due to pyogenic organisms such as Staph. aureus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis or rare organisms such as Brucella.


X-RAYS AND BONE SCAN to confirm the diagnosis BLOOD COUNT-leucocytosis, high ESR


NEEDLE ASPIRATION of disc for culture


Immobilization in the acute stage and prolonged appropriate antibiotic therapy are required.

Malignant disease

Bone metastases are classically from primaries in the bronchus, breast, kidney, thyroid or prostate. These are discussed on p. 432. Multiple myeloma produces osteolyticlesions of the spine . Primary tumours  of the spinal cord rarely cause back pain

Features that suggest that back pain is serious.
Features that suggest that back pain is serious.

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