Arthrocentesis involves placing needles into the TMJ  and therefore is not actually a surgical procedure. How. ever, because it is somewhat invasive and generally performedby oral and maxillofacfal surgeons, it is discussed
here,Most patients undergoing arthrocentesis do so with local anesthesia and intravenous (IV) sedation. Several techniques have been described for TMJ arthrocente- ·24The most common method Involves initially placing
one needle into the superior joint space. A small  mount of lactated Ringer’s solution is injected to distend  the joint space and can then be withdrawn and evaluated for diagnostic purposes, if desired. The joint is red istended, and a second needle is placed into the superior [oint space. This allows larger amounts of fluid (approximately 20:) ml) to lavage the joint. During the arthrocentesis the jn” can be gently “llanipulated. At the conclusion of the procedure, -terotds, local anesthesia, or a combination of both can

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