An Introduction to All Military Medical Assignment Limitation Codes

Since you are a member of the Air Force, you are now an eligible candidate for Military Medical Assignment. This is because you may be employed in the Armed Forces in various capacities. One of these is to take care of your family or even to become a full-time caregiver.

Once you have decided to undergo a military medical assignment, you have to submit all necessary information on your application form. Such an application forms require you to submit specific information such as your medical history and your current health condition. All of this information is sent to the base where you are going to undergo your medical assignment.

In order to be a good candidate for your assignment, you have to disclose your previous medical history. This means that you have to tell your potential caregivers about your past medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic lung diseases, and asthma. Also, you need to divulge whether you have suffered from cancer or any other malady.

There are certain limitations of information that you need to disclose while undergoing a military medical assignment. All these limitations have been classified by the Medical Defense Command of the United States Department of Defense as being a standard part of medical assignments.

The first limitation is called the prerequisite limitation, and it means that your medical duty requirement will not be judged until after you give the required information. You will only be regarded as a qualified candidate for your assignment if you are in good health and are up-to-date with your vaccinations. It also means that if you had any dental problems, you will not be regarded as a qualified candidate for your assignment.

Another limitation code that is generally applicable to military medical assignments is the uniform limitation. This means that you will not be a fit candidate for your assignment if you wear clothes that are inappropriate for military medical situations.

The third limitation code that is usually applicable to military medical assignments is the limited value, and this means that you are not a qualified candidate for your assignment if you have any knowledge of drugs. This is the reason why you will be restricted from wearing certain garments such as socks. You can be subjected to a strict check on your knowledge of drugs if you do not disclose the details of your previous drug abuse.

The fourth limitation code that can apply to military medical assignments is the non-competency limitation. This means that your education and training will not be judged as long as you fulfill the specific conditions set by the military. These conditions include having a diploma in nursing, and completing any degree courses that are required by the military.

The fifth limitation code that you can use to your advantage is the limitation for secondary education. This means that you will not be seen as a suitable candidate for your assignment unless you have at least completed a secondary education. For this reason, it is important that you disclose your primary educational attainment on your application form so that you will be given an accurate assessment of your eligibility for your assignment.

The sixth limitation code that can be used for your benefit is the requirement to notify the medical establishment of your receipt of any kind of benefits. The military medical facility is permitted to contact you if they find out that you have received such benefits.

The seventh limitation code that can be applied to your advantage is the limitation that is applicable to enlisted personnel that are undergoing a medical field training course. If you are one of these candidates, then you will not be permitted to engage in any activity that is related to your military medical assignment.

There are a number of limitations of information that you must reveal to your potential military medical assignment center. You have to ensure that all these limitations are included in your medical assignment application form.

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