Administrative Organization

Administrative Organization

Hospital organization varies from institution to institution, but most are based on standards of the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations OCAHO). This national body’s mission is to set standards for hospitals and ambulatory care centers, to monitor these facilities to ensure that those standards are being met, and then to accredit hospitals and arnbulatory centers meeting the standards.  Most general, acute care community hospitals have a board of trustees that include community leaders who make up the highest governing body of the institution. They are advised in health matters by a joint  onferencecommittee, which is·a liaison group that includes members
fom hospital management, the medical staff, and the board of trustees. The hospital’s chief executive officer (CEO) is in charge of the dailyoperation of the hospital and reports to the board of trustees. Hospital gover-.
nance from this point is divided into two major organi- “zational bodies: medical staff and. hospital administration. The medical staff includes all the health care professionals who work at the hospital. The chief of staff is the most  senior governing member of the medical staff and reports to the hospital president and joint conference committee, and chairs the medical board. The medical board or executive committee commonly includes the chiefs of all the medical departments of the hospital and often includes
representatives from nursing and hospital administration. Dentists who join the medical staff typically become members of the dental department or division. Although at some large hospitals dentistry is on equal footing with
other major departments, such as psychiatry or pediatrics,it is more often made a division, Of section, of the department of surgery, similar to other surgical disciplines, such as urology and neurosurgery. As a member of the medical staff, a ‘dentist is usually asked to ‘serve on committees in
which dental expertise is needed, such as those on infection
control, as well as and pharmacy and therapeutics. Hospital administration is managed by the hospital CED, who has several vice presidents or assistant directors  to direct various areas of hospital operations, such as
nursing, support services, and finance (Fig. 31-1).

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