Access to Help

Access to Help

The ease of access to other health care providers varies from office to office. It is helpful to seek out individuals with training that would make them useful during a medical emergency. If the dental practice is located near other professional offices, prior arrangements should be made to
obtain assistance in the event of an emergency. Not all physicians are well versed in the management of emergence and dentists must be selective in the physicians they contact for help during an emergency. Oral- axillofacial
surgeons are a good resource, as are most general surgeons and anesthesiologists. Ambulances carrying emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are useful to the dentist facing an emergency situation, and most communities now provide easy telephone ‘access (911) to a rapid-response EMT team. Finally, it is important to identify a nearby hospital or freesranding emergency care facility with well-trained emergency care experts.

Once the dentist has established who can be of assistance in the event of an emergency, the appropriate .phone numbers should be kept readily available. Easily  dentified lists can be placed on each telephone, or numbers can be entered into the memory of an automatic-dial telephone. The numbers should be called periodically to test their accuracy and to ensure that the person to be reached is available to respond.

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